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Friday, May 5th, 2017 - BMW
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2017 BMW M3. The new generation of M3 is a model that customers can not wait to see in the market. We are here to make it closer to you with this small review, here it is. As ever, the BMW M3 offers the power and handle of a sports car in a neat sedan complex. Based on the 2017 BMW M3 sedan, the M3 raises the car’s performance to a much higher level.

The M3 features unique interior decorations and bumpers, high-performance engine, suspension, wheels, brakes, and tires. As there are many new and different sedans that are currently on the market, they must be special to be picked up from the crowd. The new 2017 BMW M3 is definitely one of those that could be called one of the best 2017 lineup that the year has prepared.

The new 2017 BMW M3 will come with some minor changes to make it even nicer than it used to be. The entry and ignition key less are two standards, and the interior is well equipped with 10-way front seats (driver memory), leather and leather upholstery, three-stage heated front seats, carbon fiber, shiny black trim and folding rear seats.

The Harman-Cardon sound system is standard as it is a hard drive-based, voice-controlled navigation with 3D maps, real-time traffic information, and an additional 20GB of storage for digital audio files. The latest generation of EDERIF (5.0) manages information and entertainment features including Web connectivity, PMO ConnectDrive, and a range of available applications.

Besides the various skins, other interior options include an executive package (parking sensors, rearview camera, heated steering wheel and rear seats, wireless charging, Wi-Fi connection point, and vertical display). The 2017 BMW M3, equipped with eight standard air bags, the BMW M3, which was derived from the M3, got five stars from Natsa. Less generous with class 3, Ehs was awarded only a “marginal” (second lower) grade to test the front crash of a small overlap and also to standard headlights, especially low beams. In all other dynamic tests, the 3-degree series is “good” (higher) and also has an “advanced” rating for forward collision protection when equipped with optional equipment.

However, the adaptive speed control system is the standard, but the Camera and Radar-based Driver Assistance Plus adds blind monitoring, side and top-view cameras, path-saving alarms, front impact warning, high-speed automatic brakes and pedestrian protection. The AMO Emergency Service is a standard process that includes on-demand roadside assistance, automatic notification of downtime and assistance in retrieving stolen vehicles.

Unless you plan to reserve a regular time in the race track, we feel that the upgrade of the brake made of carbon and ceramics is noisy and expensive to choose. When these brakes were fitted, Motor Trend recorded a stop of 60 mph in the range of 99-104 feet, which is considered very good, even for the sports sedan.

In line with the recent BMU protocol, the individual numbers show four doors, so the F80 (M3) is a four-door five-passenger sports sedan with a higher volume than the more common 3 series. In the standard model, the impressive 2017 BMW M3 comes with 18-inch interlocking wheels, performance tires and a 3.0-liter turbocharged engine, making 425 hp at 5,500 rpm and 406 lb-ft of torque at just 1,850 round per minute.

Driving the rear wheels through a computer-controlled rear differential controlled by the computer, the six-speed manual transmission is standard, and the multi-mode seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) is optional. The standard automatic engine may be turned off / off. According to the EPA, the M3 with manual transmission should achieve 17/26 mpg in the city / highway, to 20 mpg combined on premium gasoline. A MCT-equipped M3 loses 2 mpg on the highway for a net loss of 1 mpg in combined driving. In the Motor Trend test, the 2017 BMW M3 with the DCT run from 0-60 mph between 3.8 and 4.0 seconds.

If this is not enough, a little less than $5,000 you can upgrade 2017 BMW M3 with the competition package. As a result, engine production increases to 444 horsepower, wheels grow in diameter and width, dynamic settings are increased and responsive, and special front seats are added along with glossy black trim.

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