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Friday, May 5th, 2017 - BMW
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2017 BMW Z4m will be, without question, one of the fastest vehicle activities available on the industry when it will be released in the middle of 2017. The current model of the Z4m since about 2009 without any real changes made to its new model has been frequented for more than 2 years right Now.

However, the BMW did not mention anything about the new BMW Z4m 2017 until a few months ago when it announced that the upcoming Z4m and the upcoming Toyota Supra would share the same platform that would make the Z4m one of the most anticipated cars for 2017, Both cars will participate but it seems that most of the platform as well as part of the engines will be identical. The new 2017 BMW Z4m will undoubtedly be one of the fastest sports cars on the market when it is launched in mid-2017.

Unfortunately, at this point in time we do not have any official information on how the exterior appearance of the new BMW 2017 Z4m car will look but if we look at the next generation Supra we can get an idea of ​​the size of the car. The design will probably be something unique and most of us expect the next Z4m to use a design scheme similar to that of the I3 BMW and I8 with sharp lines and an open frame, which would certainly make for something very interesting. In the interior of the 2017 BMW Z4m on the other hand most of the items will be shared with 4 series, such as similar seats and even a very similar dashboard.

The engine is reasonable, the new platform design 2017 BMW Z4m will work 2.0-liter turbo-built 4, I participated in the development with Chevy. This engine must create anywhere between 250 and 320 horsepower up to 310 lb-ft of torsion that would allow the sedan to get 0 to 60 mph for about 5 moments and a higher bound rate of 155 mph.

However, the M design is likely to get the same 4-engined engine with two electric motors, providing up to 450 HP power and 500 lb-ft of twisting, which means that 0 to 60 mph duration is less than 4 moments and an average The top of more than 180 miles per hour, creating a truly amazing sedan.

There is still nothing about the pricing of the 2017 BMW Z4m but the basic model is rumored to cost less than $50,000. This model is also going to feature a high-performance M version that is likely to get a hybrid engine for the first time in the model’s history. Unlike M3 and M4 although the Z4m is very likely to bring well over $80,000, making it almost as expensive as the M5.

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