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Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 - Ford
2018 ford fiesta 2010 trunk space

2018 Ford Fiesta. According to the latest information Ford will unfortunately skip the Fiesta with the Rs code for production in 2018. But for speed and energy enthusiasts the new Ford 2018 has been prepared for the Fiesta ST200 and exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. We expect a new version of Fiesta current for some time, especially since it was released Again in 2008.

This means that when they will be released, the current model could have been in the market for a full decade. This is much more than any other car and while it is not enough, the current holiday is still a good car to get under $15,000. Unlike the previous model, when they will be released, the 2018 Ford Fiesta will be released in both the international market and the US at the same time. While Ford still did not say much about the car in the future, it seems to be going to use the evolution of the current platform.

This will be wider than before and will also have a longer wheelbase. From Test Mules It is a tested models seen so far it also seems that the car will be wider, longer and slightly less than before. This should allow Ford to design a more modern and aggressive car that people usually look for these days.

The 2018 Ford Fiesta is still being developed, but from the information we have received, we have been able to develop specifications for the new models. The vehicles will be based on Ford’s Global B platform with three or five doors. It is expected to weigh less than 2,700 lbs. The car will feature 17-inch aluminum wheels and a 98-inch wheelbase. The car will extend 160. 1 inches long and 71.6 inches wide and 57.2 inches high.

The fascia front will have a large trapezoid chrome mesh. Front and rear bumpers will also be expanded. The car will also feature side-mounted front airbags and a new front cabinet that we believe will be carbon fiber engraved. The 2018 Ford Fiesta will also feature LED headlamps and rear lights. The rear is also characterized by a large huge spoiler. As the rear bumper has received some new touches, it comes with an integrated diffuser with double chrome exhaust.

2018 Ford Fiesta RS will receive an interior like a race that borrowed a lot from Ford Focus. The cabin will be slightly larger than the previous model and will be made of excellent materials and finished in chrome details. The interior accommodates five passengers. The new features will include a flat-bottom steering wheel, a redesigned shifter and sports pedal alloy. The rear seats will be covered in luxury leather and sports recaro seats on the front.

We believe that the car also has a Sync connection feature that will include an 8 inch touch screen that will be presented as a standard. The screen will enhance the information and entertainment system of Mayford Touch. It also has a new telescopic leather steering wheel and is integrated in automatic climate control.

This time we expect all the old engines naturally aspirated from the 2018 Ford Fiesta to be gone. Instead, it is expected that even the basic model will be used more than a 3-liter, 3-liter compost cylinder engine. These should provide 80 to 140 horsepower and all of them should allow for similar fuel consumption. 1.6 of the six-unit smaller 1.5-liter may be replaced with more power and torque. In terms of diesel engines not much will change.

A 1.5 liter unit with 75 or 90 horsepower should be available. Some also said that six diesel may be offered but this has not been confirmed yet. We know that the RS model of 2018 Ford Fiesta will be offered. This may be used either as a 1.5 liter engine or a unit larger than 2 liters from Focus Six. In any case, more than 250 horsepower should be achieved.

The release date has not been announced yet but in the middle of 2018 the release is right. The price, just like before, 2018 Ford Fiesta will vary between only $13,000 and over $23,000 for a higher end model.

2018 ford fiesta 1980 fuel economy

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