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Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 - Ford
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2018 Ford Focus RS. Ford Focus is the best choice in its sector. It evokes the emotional feeling that a car in the price range has no right to do. It has dynamic credentials and performance that is put together with hot hats close to double its price, so if you can live with a plastic interior, all you have to do now is join a very long queue to get your hands on one.

Ford Focus Rs is a very special car and so emotionally rewarding that it does not need rational justification. But just in case you need to say one, to a skeptical guest – we have covered you: $40,000 focus is Stinking value. 2018 Ford Focus Rs is the best hot slot for the money. It hides everything that has come before it through a masterful balance of performance and daily living. It is, in many ways, the standard for hatching, but not without its flaws.

From the outside, especially in the nitrous blue color our test car came in, the new 2018 Ford Focus RS stand out wherever you go. It’s a magnet for car enthusiasts who instantly recognize it as the new king on the block. As an aggressive front grille, the wider position and guards are caught or the rs wing that clearly along that this is not a car to be tampered with.

No matter what angle you look of, the Rs focus is an erotic aggressive slit that does not take any prisoners. In spite of that, it is a bit of a different story. It’s basically six focus with minor updates and a few badges here and there. These aftermarket performance benchmarks still exist and tend to set the scene for what is, unfortunately, comparatively cheaper cabin feeling.

The sport seats are comfortable and they still have all the operation offered by the regular focus, so the rear seats can house two adults and the boot is big enough for a trolley Shopping week. The information system and the 8-inch touchscreen powered by Microsoft is fine, as in, it does not function, but can really 2018 Ford Focus RS with Apple Car Play or Android Auto. It is also worth mentioning that the Recaro seats, there are only four airbags ( No side), which may be disturbing to some buyers.

It’s not that we hate the interior as everything is where it is supposed to be and nothing is screaming from the poor working environment, but more than that hard plastic and overwhelming use of dark colors inside make you realize the majority of your $50,990 purchase went into mechanics, not interior. This is fine then, because when there is a rs badge on the back of Ford, it does not indicate luxury.

2018 Ford Focus RS with a 2.3 liter turbocharged turbo engine, the small Ford develops an impressive 257 kW and 470 Newton meters of torque (15 seconds). Officially, the torque number is 440 Nm because it needs to be measured indefinitely and not for a specified period of time, but let us know when you find straight long enough to keep 15 seconds of flat acceleration. It will go from 0-100 km / h in 4.7 seconds.

The RS sends its power to all four wheels, although the bias is inherent to the back (up to 70 percent back). It’s also available only with a six-speed manual, which may disappoint some, but Ford argues that it helped keep engineering and development costs down and also the extra weight of something like a dual-clutch transmission in advance that would create Wonderster’s limit.

This is the same engine as the Mustang Ecobust, but with the highest rated turbocharger, to be an express, the best unlimited exhaust note of the four pony. So that one of the biggest highlights of LEDs 2018 Ford Focus is noise. In normal mode it’s not all that loud and you can definitely keep your neighbors happy, but engage the sport mode and suddenly they start cracking and pop and each foot gears change like an epic battle through a march course. We’re not in love with the manual transmission.

The clutch is unevenly weighed, heavy on the way down and very fast for spring back. You can get used to it, but you can really do with just a standard heavy or light claw and nothing in the middle. All the same, as if, when you’re behind the wheel of a rs and find yourself presented with a quirky section of the road you realize why Ford has created the best A hot hole in part.

The problem with most of the hot gates I like is the Wonderster. They tend to be very good, so they are not. However, it seems rs on some exotic properties where the winder is only present when you have really screwed Royale about it, like trying to switch to a very fast road angle (something we certainly tried several times on the race track just to force Winderser).

Paying performance is a financially foolish game, at least. It takes thousands of dollars to trim the second trimester of the acceleration of running or earning a hundred of g in lateral acceleration. But with a 2018 Ford Focus RS, a doubling price of $18,100 starting from the Blipan grille specs 2018 Ford Focus RS more than double the car. It’s like buying a horsepower in bulk from Costco.

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