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Thursday, May 18th, 2017 - Ford
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2018 Ford Raptor. The new Raptor besieged steel frame is reinforced by the normal F-150 and will come in two sizes: the 133-inch sporty Supercab wheelbase and a 145-inch supercro. Despite the most dove frame, Ford claims that the new aluminum body of the truck (as well as the hood and front bumper) helps trim 500 pounds from the weight of its predecessor.

Given the latest Raptor Supercab tested the weight of 6100 pounds, we often favor the diet. There have been numerous versions of trucks coming in and out of the car makers over the past two decades. Ford was no exception to this at all. Ford was surprised even with two versions of Ford lighting, which were missing since 2004, and the second generation of Raptor, built on the architecture of the all-new aluminum-based Ford F-150.

Actually Ford announced twelve new cars in short including the Ford Raptor 2018 which is in the final stage of the test. Has made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show 2015.This announcement completely dismantled the attention of everyone anxious to see the new F-150 and got this monster as a treat. There is no doubt that the 2018 Ford Raptor stands among the most praised versions of the F-150 and is seen as the most advanced variant of it.

It is alleged that all new 2018 Ford Raptor design will be presented with three cabin styles: regular, super and super crew. There are some indicators that, the pattern will not be the only difference, but the size too. Rumors have it, that the new version will be six inches wider than the current version.

Moreover, the materials that will be used in production will be very light, such as aluminum or a combination between the use of aluminum and steel. This is the direction of NODIS because of the constant struggle to lower fuel consumption, because low weight means less need for engine power. It will be simple.

Cetyl used for the infrastructure, along with aluminum, and together those two materials are going to provide this car with excellent durability in any case. This version will be unique, with nothing in the row even resembling it. The entire front-end, including the more dominant grille with larger Ford messages will be changed more, wider air intakes and more angry headlights and improved rear lights with LEED technology.

There are no official data relating to the 2018 Ford Raptor interior design but we can find a lot of things on the web that can, but do not have to be true. If we can believe all those data found, the interior will be completely different and new. The cabin will be very spacious with a strong twisting wheel steering. There are multiple functions installed on the steering wheel. We can expect new gearbox, leather seats, information system and entertainment of the new MIFORD, navigation system, high quality sound system, climate control, etc.

There is no longer a big, iron block V-8 under the hood, so you should save some weight there. Yes, people; the 2018 Ford Raptor is the only iCost and the first recipient of the second generation 3.5-liter V-6 with twin turbo and direct fuel injection. Ford says the high-power compost engines it develops for sports cars have affected some improvements in V-6 production, including the new aluminum block and fuel system upgrades, cylinder heads and interior.

To further improve the airflow, the high output engine is emitted through a dual exhaust system with real dual output throttled in the rear bumper. We will not miss the old 6. 2-liter V-8 roar, but Ford promises that the new 2018 Ford Raptor Turbo six will be more efficient and faster to jump on the V- 8 at 411 horsepower and 434 pounds of torque. We do not know yet by how much, but rely on loads of torque and at least 450 ponies.

Getting to the 2018 Ford Raptor engine will be the first application of Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission and a new four-wheel transfer case, which will work with the Terrain Mode To configure the truck for different conditions (clay, snow, rocks, etc. ). Control by steering wheel buttons and a menu in the block, the engine conditioning system features, the propulsion system, stability control, and more to help weekend warriors get the most out of the raptors without rolling them down the hills.

One of the most anticipated trucks this year will not come out this year. So the manufacturer confirmed it. The pickup was presented at the Detroit Motor Show this year and is expected to be the final version of the fall of 2018. The 2018 Ford Raptor is not yet certain but is expected to be slightly higher than the current model price which is approximately $52,000 for the trim base.

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