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Friday, December 28th, 2018 - Toyota
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Prius Rumors. The current model is the most unusual vehicle on the market, but this may change very soon, as Toyota is reportedly planning to redesign the mid-cycle, which will focus on the front and back. To put things right, Prius sales have been reduced by almost half since 2012, to just over 108,000 examples.

The report comes from Japan’s CarSensor, which states that the improved Prius will look better now, but it will not look very similar to Prius Prime or hybrid components. This, of course, to maintain a certain position in the market, but with sales falling faster than they are, Toyota must do something fast. To put things right, Prius sales have been reduced by almost half since 2012, to just over 108,000 examples. This is bad news for Toyota when you consider the fact that Prius just entered its fourth generation in 2015.

However, the front end will have front lights and fog lamps. The fascia should look cleaner and less visibly annoying. There is no doubt that the background will give up these exotic rear lights for something more modern and acceptable in today’s market. In this note, the same report indicates that there will be an increase in fuel consumption thanks to some adjustments in the payment system, so, in any case, this is in their favor.

It is time for Toyota to do something about the appearance of the Prius. Why Toyota decided to even use this outlook for the fourth generation model is beyond logic and reason, but here we are. It is true that many market analysts suggest that style plays an important role in lower sales, so perhaps changing the right face of the model. We’ll just have to see what happens, but if it turns out that this change in the face is a big failure like the initial appearance of the fourth generation, the fifth-generation model is expected to appear for the first time shortly after the end of the decade: Toyota needs its resident green car to keep up with emission standards and will not Slide sales to do anything correctly.

Prius Rumors 2018

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